Video Testimonials are a powerful tool for your business, profession or organization. You can improve customer loyalty, retention and attract new customers all with an effective video. To keep it simple a great video testimonial allows for a current customer to talk about a great moment she had with your product or service. Communicating this moment is so important because she will describe a perfect experience about the benefit of your product or service. Here are some tips to create a great one.

  1. The Moment – There is that one moment that means most to the customer. That is what you want to focus on in the testimony. “What benefit about our service (or product) impacted you?” You may ask this type of question or one similar. The goal is to steer the customer towards an impactful experience.
  2. Keeping it Short – Use the acronym K.I.S.S. which stands for Keep It Simple Silly (or Stupid). It is best to keep it short (under a minute), but if it is a good story viewers will listen to a longer video. It is not necessary to ask many questions. One question about their defining moment is sufficient.
  3. Framing Considerations – If you can film with products or services placed naturally in the background behind the customer will help. This gives the viewer a visual representation of your business. It is best to frame the customer from the waist up. Too close might reveal too many imperfections, especially in the face. It is also best to place the camera at eye level. Filming lower than eye level  is unpleasant for a testimonial. It is okay to have the customer looking directly into the camera. Since this allows for the customer to look directly at the viewer.
  4. Editing Considerations – It is not necessary to have the customer introduce himself. Neither is it necessary to have a business introduction to the testimonial. In addition to the interview film reference video clips (6 to 8 seconds) that you can edit over portions of the interview. For example let’s just say the customer loved the location of the power button. You can film a separate clip of someone pressing the power button on your product. This is the visual aide to help convey what the customer is saying. You don’t need to overdo it, but having 3 to 5 images will strengthen your video.
  5. Video Placement – Once you have this great testimonial where do you place it? Placing it on a Review Page is standard. You might consider adding it to your business email in the signature for a time being. You can add it as part of a landing page or sales funnel. You can even included it as part of an exit pop-up. This way when a potential customer decides to leave your page without taking any action the exit pop-up will include the testimonial.

Once the testimonial is on your site monitor the analytics. How long are viewers watching? What are the demographics? What devices are they using? This type of data can help you shorten or lengthen the videos, discover better points to begin the testimonial and who to ask next to take part in the testimonial. Oh before I forget practice makes perfect. So don’t beat yourself up if you don’t win an Emmy on the first round of testimonials.

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