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Our first step is to gain exposure for our customer's at very little to no cost. Our second step is to get the product in front of the company using a variety of methods. Our third step is to close the deal.
What an amazing job. I was so nervous that day. When I left the building, I thought it would be a miracle if you could pull something out from the video-taping. But you did it! Thank you so much.
Vivi L. Sasaki, CPC, M Ed, ELI-MP, Relationship Architect & Success Coach at Mentarena
Thank you very much. The video has turned out very well.
Anbu, President, Austin Tamil Sangam
Thanks! You did a great editing job!
Midge Norris, Territory Sales Developer

About Us

B-South is a collection of entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs. Our skill sets span the areas of web development, video production, project management, politics and sales. Brian Southers is the founder and chief organizer.